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Need help getting from point A to B on the Shuswap Lake?  We can help!  We are now offering a Water Taxi Service that can accommodate up to 6 people and gear on a smooth ride in style with comfort to where you have to go on the lake.  Check out our pricing!

Water Taxi Fee 

Water taxi Service on Shuswap Lake

Seymour Arm

$230 Nelison Beach
$260 Woods Landing North
$300 Cottonwood Beach
$330 Wright Creek
$330 Encounter Point
$370 Beach Bay
$400 Albas Falls
$430 Daniels Store

Anesty Arm

$210 Narrows Village
$215 Anesty View
$240 Pete Martins/Twin Bay
$320 4 Mile Creek
$350 Anesty Beach

Main Arm

Mara Lake

Salmon Arm

$140 Paradise Point
$160 Herald Park
$180 Canoe
$200 Salmon Arm
$280 Sunnybrea

Shuswap Arm

$105 Totem Pole
$130 Hungry Cove
$140 Hermit Bay
$150 Marble Point
$155 Tillis Beach
$210 Narrows Village
$220 Shark ShacK/ Sea Store
$75 Hyde Mountain
$80 Waterways/2 Mile
$110 6 Mile
$130 South End Mara
$210 Narrows Village
$260 Saint Ives
$270 Horseshoe Bay
$300 Anglemount
$330 Eagle Bay
$350 Magna Bay
$400 Blind Bay
$435 Scotch Creek
$450 Lee Creek
We offer water taxi services from Three Buoys Houseboat docks to your desired destination at this time in the season.  Max 6 people and gear. Booking in advanced is much appreciated for day, time, number of people and location.  
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